NiftyNotCool is my own little soap box for sharing things I find nifty, interesting, irksome, or aggravating. Things that stir my blood and things that get my goat.

I like to write about politics (mostly to complain). I like to write theatre reviews for shows I’ve enjoyed. I like to write about Other Stuff too.

NiftyNotCool is a personal blog to the extent that the opinions expressed are my own and the issues discussed are viewed through my personal lens and bias. It is not a personal blog to the extent that I will be writing about my love life or my farts.

You will not be any cooler for having read my blog but your world might be a little niftier.

An example of  nifty-ness: the photo in my header. An artist in northern Italy painted an old rock quarry. My dad took the photo. Nifty.

An example of not-cool-ness: it took me a very long time to figure out how to set up this incredibly basic WordPress blog. Pitiful.