Happy Birthday, Blog! : One Whole Year of NiftyNotCool

This the where the magic happens (yep, my mousepad is a paper bag).

It was this day last year (November 29, 2010) that I posted “NiftyNotCool: A Whine and Cheese Introduction“, my first-ever blog post. That makes today the first “bloggerversary” of NiftyNotCool. During this year I have been committed to posting at least once per week and I have kept to this goal (a small feat for some but a big feat for me). I had decided, at the time, that I would keep this up for a year and if I didn’t like it I would stop. Today also marks the one-year anniversary of my first-ever tweet on Twitter, again, with the condition that if I hated it (and I thought I might) I would stop (HA!).

The idea of marking my time as a blogger with a bloggerversary is one that I stole from my friend Raul Pacheco-Vega, of Hummingbird604.com. He celebrated his five year bloggerversary this past spring and it was a pretty big milestone for a major Vancouver blogger who has, for the entire five years, been blogging entirely for free.

As my own small bloggerversary approached it occurred to me that the thought of quitting NiftyNotCool hasn’t crossed my mind at all lately. I’ve put in a year’s worth of learning and writing, attending the YVR Blogger Meetups and talking to new people. I’ve learned that blogging (good blogging) is more than just banging out a post every once in a while and expecting fame and recognition to come pouring in. It’s about hard work, and not being obsessed with watching my site stats. It’s about making decisions like whether or not to sacrifice good SEO for titles and introductions that satisfy me as a writer but won’t necessarily bring Google searchers to my blog (most of the time I say to hell with SEO and just write the way that makes me happy).

Over the year, I’ve written a few things I’m quite proud of (and some I’d be content to sweep under a rug), and a few things that unexpectedly struck a chord with unexpected people. Every once in a while someone has told me that something I posted interested them, or made them laugh, or was helpful to them. When someone does that, it’s pretty much the most gratifying feeling I could hope for as a blogger.

And I’m having fun! Blogging and tweeting has allowed me to engage with new people, and brought some fun opportunities my way. If you blog for perks and recognition you’ll quit soon. If you blog because you like to write and you want to share, you’ll enjoy yourself and the perks that do happen to come along will be just that…perks. I’ve stuck with this for a year and I gotta admit that writing some posts has been like pulling teeth. But overall it’s been an interesting experience, a good challenge and a lot of fun and I don’t feel like stopping anytime soon.

But I do think it’s time to step up my game. I’ve been blogging and tweeting and going to tweet ups and similar events for one year and it is about time I stopped being such a Luddite and started making this easier on myself. It’s time for a smartphone.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Georgette von iPhone (“von iPhone” is of course her married name, sadly, Count von iPhone passed away from technological dropsy some time ago). This brand new piece of techno-social gadgetry is my one-year bloggerversary present to myself.

Technological! Ooooh!

Georgette is an iPhone 4S and I am happy as a clam with my bright shiny toy. I’ve stuck with this for a year and proven to myself that I would make good use of a smartphone. Now I can blog and tweet all over town! And find myself on Google maps when I get lost tweeting all over town! And record voice memos like a Private I. Watch out world!

With all sincerity though, happy bloggerversary, nifty blog of mine. It’s been a slice so far. Welcome to the family, Georgette. I love you already. And to all of you who have read my blog over the past year or given me any pointers or brought cool opportunities or ideas my way, thank you. You’ve all made it so much fun and I’m nowhere close to finished yet. Cheers!

P.S. The stage-managing, truffle-baking, theatre-blogging entity that is my friend Lois Dawson is celebrating her THREE YEAR bloggerversary very soon at www.loisbackstage.com. Happy bloggerversary, Lois!

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