Leap Day 2012

February 29 everybody, it’s February 29!!!

This is not an amazing blog post really, this is just a post to say HOLY CRAP IT’S FEBRUARY 29, WHICH IS A LEAP DAY, WHICH ONLY HAPPENS EVERY FOUR YEARS!

This year has 366 days in it y’all, and I simply cannot let Leap Day pass me by without posting something for the future me to look back on. Now that Facebook has that snazzy (and embarrassing) timeline thing, I was able to check back to see what, if anything, I had posted to the world the LAST time it was February 29 (2008). Ahem. According to Facebook, I said, “Lauren Kresowaty is feeling flexible.” Huh. Not exactly profound stuff.

And neither is this. But it’s Leap Day. LEAP DAY! Which means that today is the one day in every four years that people who are born on February 29 actually get to celebrate their birthday on the correct date. Some people might complain about this but I think it is pretty freakin’ magical. Like Brigadoon, every four years the birthdays of Leap Day babies rise out of the mist, and then disappear from the face of the calendar, not to be seen again for another four years. In years that are NOT Leap Years, the true birthdays of these Leapies would actually be the stroke of midnight between February 28 and March 1, at the precise moment when February is turning into March and today is turning into tomorrow. At this time, and only this time, Leap Year babies would be able to catch just the smallest moment of their real birthday, caught in the witching hour between evening and morning, between one month and the next.

I am in fact so taken with this idea that I actually bothered to figure out that if I were to conceive a child around May 29, 2015, there is a VERY good chance that my baby would be born on Leap Day in 2016 and an even GREATER chance that they’d be a Pisces, which would be great, because apparently Pisces are psychic. Which is cool, if you’re into astrology and stuff. Which you would be, if you were a magical psychic Leap Day baby.

This is not to say that I would actually do this, as timing is everything, you gotta be ready, “kids are a big responsibility and you shouldn’t have them just because you think Leap Day babies are cool”, blah blah blah. But the thing is, today is the NIFTIEST day of the four years, and though I try not to do things just because they’re cool, it’s hard to avoid giving into that which is nifty. And what day could be niftier than February 29?

Think about it. And enjoy the rest of your Leap Day. It needs to last you four years.

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