Things That Spook Me

Happy Halloween!

(If you don’t have 3D glasses, hit play, then the “3D” button at the bottom to turn off 3D!)

In celebration of this ghoulish occasion, today’s post is devoted to the things that spook me. You know those things that are just really really freaky? The kind of ideas that pop into your head and immediately give you shivers down your spine? I do. Creatively, these scary archetypes are a gold mine for anyone trying to tell a spooky story on a dark night.

There is no better day than Halloween to list some of these deliciously spooky ideas. I didn’t come up with them, of course, they’ve always been there…just waiting…being spooky….and hungry for your fear………..

  • What if you looked at an inanimate life-like object, then looked away, but when you looked back it had moved? (Think the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, or a taxidermied owl.)
  • What if you were looking in the mirror, and you saw something in your reflection behind you, but when you turned around nothing was there?
  • On that note, what if you were looking in the mirror, and you saw your own reflection doing something you weren’t doing?
  • What if you saw a friend/family member from behind, and called their name, but when they turned around they had no face?
  • What if you took a shortcut through the cemetery on a dark night, and a hand grabbed your ankle?
  • What if you were leaning over a dead body (at a wake, at your job at the morgue, after hand to hand combat with the forces of evil) and suddenly it reached out and grabbed you by the throat?
  • Similarly, what if a dead body opened its eyes?
  • What if Edward Scissorhands had turned evil without warning?
  • What if a ventriloquist dummy said something you didn’t make it say?
  • Creepy children. ‘Nuff said.
  • What if you were in an abandoned house that no one had been in for years and years, and up in the attic, a music box was playing?
  • What if you were in an abandoned house that no one had been in for years and years, and up in the attic, a rocking chair was rocking by itself…back and forth…back and forth…back and forth?

Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody. Sleep tight.

5 thoughts on “Things That Spook Me

  1. I like the Woman in Black reference! These are all pretty damn creepy! I have a door that has a peephole in that you can see the hall on the other side from a good five feet away – I keep getting freaked out by imagining someone suddenly being there, or it just being someone’s eye staring in!

    • Yes! Woman in Black! I KNEW I had seen that rocking chair one somewhere! I saw the play in the West End when I was fifteen and it scared the bejesus out of me. Your peephole is also scary. I had a dark basement growing up. I used to run up the stairs and always imagined something might grab me before I got to the top!

      • Don’t even get me on running upstairs in the dark. I live with my other half, and sleep in the nud. Going down to the toilet, past the peephole, and then back up again is freaky as bejeezus and I hate it! Woman in Black is terrifying and amazing 😀

    • I don’t do that in my own house, but I do in other people’s houses. You never know what they could have lurking in their shower…

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