2011 PuSh Festival Opening Gala (Part 1)

Through some kind of combination of Twitter, dumb luck, and the awesomeness of Zaira Petruf, the Outreach Coordinator for the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival in Vancouver, I am typing in the VIP lounge of the oh-so-cool Club Five Sixty at the 2011 PuSh Opening Gala.

I am here tonight as one of the bloggers for the event: live-blogging, tweeting, interneting all over the place. My apologies to those who have e-mail-subscribed to NiftyNotCool, I’m going to be posting several times tonight. I’m also drinking wine. Sorry.

First up, the club. Club Five Sixty is MASSIVE. And groovy. Never seen a place like it. The whole basement is a bathroom. And a bar. And a coat-check. There is a massive main floor. There is a VIP lounge upstairs. There are labyrinth-like hallways. This place is full of theatre artists and theatre lovers and bucket-loads of nifty AND cool people.

Gregor Robertson: Mayor Extraordinaire

A big highlight for me so far was watching Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson make his opening remarks. I knew he was a nice-looking fellow but he is even better looking in person. He also seems to be very supportive of arts and culture in Vancouver in general. I appreciate a politician who is. I wish this attitude could carry more into the Provincial and Federal levels.

I have also run into major Vancouver bloggers Raul (Hummingbird604) and Rebecca (Miss604). Theatre blogger Lois (Lois Backstage) is typing next to me. I’ve also seen people I recognize from Neworld Theatre, Theatre Replacement, and Leaky Heaven Circus. I feel so VIP’ed.

I regret I must leave you all for a moment to partake in those crazy basement facilities. I’ll be back before you know it. xoxo

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