PuSh Festival Opening Gala (Part 2)

Unfortunately can't remember the name of this troupe!

Sorry PuSh fans, I am no longer live-blogging from the PuSh Gala. Unfortunately, the wireless in Club Five Sixty went out so, seeing as I am a little behind the times and sans smart phone, I could neither blog nor tweet.

I took some beautiful photos with Lois in the booths downstairs, took in Theatre Replacemcent’s “Weetube” which is always a Vancouver favourite, and lugged my laptop and tired little self home because I work early tomorrow.

As I left, I believe the band “The Zolas” were setting up, small theatre performances were under way in the lounge, and I’m sure the party hadn’t even peaked yet. I also saw Gregor Robertson near the photo booths tonight but I was too shy to say hello. Maybe next time.

If you want to follow the gala and other PuSh Festival events on Twitter, the hashtags that I believe were most commonly in use tonight were #PuSh2011 and #PuShFest. You can also follow the folks at the PuSh Festival itself at twitter.com/PuShFestival.

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